French Green Lentils 4.5Kg


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The rich peppery flavor of French Green Lentils is due in part to the volcanic soils where they grow. While their color is mostly a beautiful slate green, they are marbled with flecks of darker slate blue.

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French Green Lentils are prized above other lentils for their strong peppery flavor and their firmness, even after cooking. High in fiber and protein like most lentils, french green lentils are usually more expensive than other lentil varieties. They are firm and hold together well after cooking, but they do take a bit longer to cook than other lentils. Lentils take longer to cook in salted or acidic water, so starting them in plain water will reduce cooking times which are usually under 20 minutes. Unlike dried beans there is no need to soak lentils, they should be rinsed and sorted to remove stones and other debris and then can go right into the pot. French Green Lentils will stay whole even if overcooked, where brown and red lentils will usually fall apart.

Country of originFRANCE
Shelf life12 MONTHS
Weight unit10 lbs
Item/pack box1/1
Item/pack Website1

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