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The mention of truffles conjures up images of the expensive French black truffle from the Périgord region of southwest France, used in making pâté de foie gras, or the renowned odorous white truffle of Alba, in the Piedmont district of Italy. The flavor of the truffle is directly related to its aroma. In this category you will find anything from Truffle butter to Truffle Pate's and each product guaranteed with freshness. 

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     White truffle honey is a mild-tasting honey infused with white truffle (also known as Tuber magnatum). A true Italian delicacy, this honey is made with 100% Acacia honey and white Italian truffles, sourced from the Alba region of Italy. 
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    Versatile for a number of dishes, our White Truffle Oil has an irresistibly savory taste.  Simply add a few drops of this delicious truffle oil to an array of sauces and pasta, meat and fish and vegetable dishes for a wonderful touch of flavor.
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    The basic ingredient is, of course, our excellent olive oil processed according to the old traditonal methods. This product mixes the robust, earthy characteristics of black truffle with olive oil. Recommended uses: This products gives its best results with first or main courses. Also, consider using Black Truffle Oil on a sliced loaf or warm garlic bread. 
  • $34.02 In Stock
    Sabatino Truffle Sea Salt is a Sicilian sea salt mixed with dried summer truffles. It is versatile enough to be used anywhere your recipes call for salt, including marinades, dressings, cooked vegetables, French fries, steak and even popcorn. 
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    With more flavor than our Summer Peelings, these Black Winter Truffle Peelings will still be quite mild and subtly-flavored. They are perfect for when you're creating dishes with truffle oil or butter. While truffle oil and butter add flavor and aroma, the truffle shaving puts the finishing touches on the dish
  • $48.59 In Stock
    Truffle juice, pressed from real winter truffles in Perigord for D'Artagnan, offers the heady aroma and flavor of the truffle, ready for the saucepan, any time of the year.
  • $80.99 In Stock
    Our Black Summer Truffles are conveniently sliced and packed in oil to make adding this mild, walnut-scented truffle easy to incorporate into any recipe. With a tougher skin with large, triangular bumps that encapsulate the pale beige insides, this particular breed is hearty and mellow.
  • $84.65 In Stock
    Black truffle paste is prepared by combining pureed black Winter truffles with oil to create an intensely flavoured product that is easy to use. Simply add to your recipe prior to serving.
  • $299.99 In Stock
    White asparagus spears are pearly white, thick and rounded. Measuring about 6 to 8 inches in length with rounded, tapered tips. Their flavor is mild and slightly herbaceous with nutty, earthy notes of artichoke and fresh white corn. 
  • $499.90 In Stock
    These fragrant little beauties are the most precious of all the black truffles. Known as the "black diamond" of the kitchen, these intense truffles are prized by connoisseurs and four-star chefs for their distinct and pungent aroma.
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