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  • $17.49 In Stock
    Located in the belly, on the external face of the abdominal cavity.  Panceta is the Spanish name for pork belly. Simply substituting Spanish Pancetta Ibérica de Bellota in place of traditional or Italian Style Pancetta or bacon will take your recipes up a few notches.  It is sold in pieces weighing approximately 2 LBS.  
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    Located in the thoracic cavity, there are two costillas per pig. The rib is very flavorful and tender, given the abundant infiltration and marbling of natural fat.
  • $36.69 In Stock
    Presa is a beautiful, flavorful cut of pork that melts in your mouth - we call it "the other red meat!" Grilled medium rare, it has a juicy, tender bite and a full mouthwatering flavor that speaks of its free-range acorn fed source.Presa is a thick shoulder steak unlike any other. It is thick and juicy, but leaner than the "pluma" end loin or the...
  • $39.58 In Stock
    The meat from the Ibérico pig has infiltrated fat in the muscles, which gives it an exceptional texture and flavor.
  • $43.66 In Stock
    Ibérico de Bellota has long been famous as arguably the world's finest ham. Intense marbling and its complex taste set it apart from all others. The same can be said of the Ibérico pork. Unlike modern pork, which has had all of the flavor and color bred out of it, Ibérico pork has more in common with fine beef.
  • $43.88 In Stock
    Iberian chops are cut from the ribs and the loin.  Juicy, succulent and tasty with beautiful marbling of fat.  Obtained from only the best pigs for maximum quality and flavour. These are smaller than the chops of the white pig.  Ideal for grilling, pan-frying, barbecues
  • $48.26 In Stock
    Piece extracted from the rear of the headboard, under the rib. very juicy and tender ideal for roasting meat
  • $55.93 In Stock
    luma Iberico de Bellota is a premium pork cut filled with exquisite flavor. Taken from the shoulder, with each piece weighing just over half a pound, this is a small and delicate cut shaped somewhat like a plume or feather, hence the name "pluma." This part of the pig is marbled liberally with fat that melts and suffuses the meat with tender, succulent...
  • $79.62 In Stock
    If lomo is one the finest Iberico pork products - some argue it is superior to the jamon itself -- Lomo Ibérico de Bellota is the ultimate Iberico sausage!
  • $113.97 In Stock
    Roasted whole, in the shape of a crown or enjoyed chop after chop, the Ibérico Rack of Pork liberates the fat that has filtered in its muscle mass in each and every bite, elevating the typical “pork chop” to a new category: that of the essential cuts of contemporary gastronomy.
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