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  • $25.64 In Stock
    Luscious olives with textures that range from tender to meaty. The Classic Greek Kalamata Almond Shaped Olive sets itself apart from appearance to its taste profile like no other olive in the world. Setting the standard in the industry Martinis Premium Kalamata Pitted Olives are perfect for Greek salads, antipasto trays, salads and Mediterranean recipes....
  • $32.39 In Stock
    Tapenade is a Provençal dish consisting of puréed or finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. Its name comes from the Provençal word for capers, tapenas.
  • $37.79 In Stock
    Mild, buttery green olives marinated with Provencal herbs. A delicious ingredient for sauces, salads and toppings.
  • $37.79 In Stock
    These no-cook skewers make for a colorful, pantry-friendly appetizer you can vary according to your guests' tastes. 
  • $40.49 In Stock
    oil-cured olives are basically, dry-cured olives that get macerated in oil for several months. The curing removes the bitterness and the resulting olive is shriveled and wrinkly and they sort of resemble small pru
  • $60.74 In Stock
    Anchovy stuffed olives are far and away the most popular olives at La Tienda. We can hardly keep them on our shelf! The olive and anchovy combination creates a perfect balance of flavor.Served chilled with a cool drink, they evoke memories of warm summer nights of Andalucia, sitting outside enjoying tapas. 
  • $74.24 In Stock
    Roland Pitted Queen Olives are large green olives with a slightly tart flavor. They have been pitted and place packed within the jar.
  • $79.64 In Stock
    Roland Greek Olive Mix is a mix of Kalamata, Black and Green Roland Olives from Greece. This is a 2 kg. package and it is available in kegs. The olives in this product are pitted and ready to use, flavored with herbs and spices.
  • $117.44 In Stock
    Small green French olives. These nutty flavored olives are harvested green and retain a crisp texture making them a good eating olive or a nice addition to your martini.
  • $118.79 In Stock
    Roland Kalamata type olives from Turkey are a ripe (black) bite-sized olive with a firm texture. They have a full flavor; not as intense as some imported black olives, but much stronger than domestic varieties. Their skin is smooth and ranges in color from deep brown to purplish black.
  • $121.49 In Stock
    Pitted Nicoise Olives are a 100 percent natural garnish black olive, packed in the Provence area of France. Theolives are imported without the pit, and have a unique tart flavor. They are graded for uniform size, flavor, and are packed in a brine solution.
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