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    Foie Gras (Mason jar) is a delicate, buttery, smooth perfection, is a cultural and culinary tradition. One of the world’s most appreciated and prized gourmet delights, melt-on-the-tongue foie gras is the symbol of seriously luxurious and celebratory eating, a true masterpiece of gastronomy.
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    Mousse of Duck foie gras contains 50% foie gras and 2% truffles, with no pork.It is packed in a tube can for easy slicing and preparation of canapes. It has a creamy and smooth uniform beige color and contains salt and port wine. 
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    Terrine of Whole Duck Foie Gras is 100% duck meat guaranteed pork and alcohol free. The product’s firmness and consistency allow for clean slicing and elegant plating and can be served as a hot or cold starter or main dish.
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    This famous dish is called Parfait of duck Foie Gras. it contains 70% of delicious duck foie gras and sure to delight your guest ! Packaged and sealed in a plastic Terrine, this tasty product can approximately provide about 25 creamy slices.
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    Terrine of Whole duck Foie Gras "Rougie" is delicately prepared by a high experienced professional from the Rougie Sarlat farm, packaged in a plastic terrine with a simple cover which is easy to remove. This dish can be served cold or hot as a starter or main dish. 
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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