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      You have to try these golden beauties to believe why they are so adored by chefs and food lovers everywhere. Delicate, fragile and beautiful, Chanterelles are spectacularly fruity and winy, with lovely hints of apricot.
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      Porcini Mushrooms are prized for their earthy aroma and intense flavor. Excellent with meats, rice and pasta dishes, they are also the preferred mushrooms for soups and casseroles. Use them to flavor stocks in place of meat. Porcini mushrooms lend their wonderful umami flavor to any dish!
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      Porcini Powder are large, pale-ish brown, edible mushrooms that grow in the wild. They’re also known by their French name.Grinding dried porcini mushrooms into a powder is a great way to preserve their flavor and make them easy to use in the kitchen.
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      Dried chanterelle mushrooms reconstitute a bit differently than other dried mushrooms.  Reconstituted whole, they can be tough and chewy, even after lengthy cooking. The fragrant aroma and fine flavor of dried chanterelle mushroomsmake them one of the most versatile of all mushrooms and have earned them a well-deserved place in kitchens around the world.
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      The Morel mushroom's delicate balance of earthy, nutty, and smoky flavors combined with a meaty texture makes it a delicacy especially appreciated in French cuisine. 
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