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  • $6.43 In Stock
    From Isigny Ste Mere comes this remarkably delicious butter, produced since the 16th Century. The soil of Isigny is soft and damp, and the cows there thrive on grass that is rich with iodine and beta-carotene. The appealing yellow butter has hints of hazelnut flavors, a flexible, elastic texture, and is full of vitamin A. 
  • $6.43 In Stock
    Taste is what sets this butter apart from the rest: made of cream that's allowed to culture, it has a tangy richness and hazelnut notes. The appealing yellow butter has hints of hazelnut flavors, a flexible, fine and elastic texture, and is full of vitamin A.
  • $8.09 In Stock
    Made in the traditional French method. Contains 83% butter fat and is extremely low in moisture, resulting in a rich creamy profile. 
  • $10.71 In Stock
    The butter has a sweeter flavor without the dairy tang present in cultured products.  Each log weights 1 lbs.
  • $45.89 In Stock
    Crème fraîche is an exquisitely rich cultured cows’ cream with a thick, creamy texture and a tart, slightly nutty flavor. Incredibly versatile, crème fraîche can be used as a base for dips and sauces, as an ingredient in baking, or as a simple topping for pies and soups. 
  • 100 pcs
    $128.69 In Stock
    A famed artisan French butter, from the milk of cows of the small village of Poitiers and La Rochelle. Known as one of the best butters in France, Echire butter is served in the finest dining establishments. This sophisticated butter is produced mostly by hand. A light texture and subtle flavor make this butter just about divine
  • $171.44 In Stock
    Beurremont Butter "Tourage" 82% is made in the traditional European method. Use up to 25% LESS Beurremont 83% in your recipes than regular butter and is Extremely low in moisture.
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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