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      This wonderful treat is a perfect presentation to decorate a cake or even simply served. 
    • 300 pcs
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      Make delicious pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants) with Cacao Barry's practical baking sticks. About 3 1/4 inches long, these French bittersweet chocolate batons are made of 44% cacao. Perfect to give pastries of all sorts delicious molten chocolate centers. 44% cacao, 25.7% fat, 53.4%, sugar, 1.2% cacao butter.
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      Miroir Plus Neutral Glaze is a "ready-to-use" COLD application glaze. It produces a crystal clear outer glaze to refrigerated mousse cakes, cheesecakes and frozen ice cream desserts. No heating required. Neutral flavor and color.  
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      Apricot glaze is essentially sieved and heated apricot jam. It makes a really great glaze in seconds, both for savoury dishes such as poultry, ham or any pork cut, and for sweet dishes such as open-faced fruit pies or flans. Shiny, amber color with light apricot flavor.
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      The candying process replaces the water naturally held within a fruit with sugar syrup. The process requires close observation, changes in density of the sugar syrup, and many hours. The result is a preserved fruit with great flavor, a lustrous shine, and a chewy texture. Cut into strips. 
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      Crispy wafer bits to add a slightly sweet crunch. Feuilletine are crunchy crepe flakes that give texture to preparations such as mousses and ganache. Will stay crunchy in fat based masses.
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      Super easy to use, this extra white fondant covering only needs some warming up. Use it to cover, fill and decorate pastries, cakes, and other treats. It is also particularly good in the preparation of fillings. Slowly warm to a maximum of 30 degrees C.
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      Trablit is a premium coffee extract that can be used where ever a coffee flavor is desired. Used by professional pastry chefs across the globe, Trablit is a premium pastry flavoring. Intense flavor balances the sweetness of most coffee desserts.
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      Griottines Original is made with a unique recipe of wild morello cherries that have been graded, de-stoned and steeped in liqueur and Kirsch. Perfect for decadent roulades and Black Forest cakes, crème brulee, or as a garnish for ice cream, tiramisu, even other fruit.
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      Brick dough is ideal for folded pastry pies, triangles and crescent pastries, thanks to their crisp & golden envelope. A guarantee of success for every recipe ! Sweet or savory, as an appetizer, an entrée or dessert, brick dough is great for entertaining.  This product is extremely fragile and will not support any other delivery options than local...
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      Almonds refined to a fine powder. A key ingredients in many baked goods for flavor, texture, and moistness.
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