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  • 100 pcs
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    Evenly striped dark and white chocolate tube with straight seam. Elegant chocolate design that adds dimension in any application. 
  • 100 pcs
    $17.54 In Stock
    Miniature white, dark, and milk chocolate molded bars.
  • 100 pcs
    $24.29 In Stock
    Ateco's 18-Inch Plastic Coated Decorating Bag is designed for both food service and home use. It's great for piping foods and won't slip in your hand. It's easy to clean and economically priced. Made of print cloth, lined with polyethylene. Features rustproof eyelets. 
  • 4 pcs
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    Reduced price!
  • 100 pcs
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    Easy-grip design, with burst-resistant welds and a smooth interior that enhances product flow, PipingPal disposable pastry bags deliver the strength and comfort of traditional canvas bags. And durability for thick, textured fillings, PipingPal bags are a preferred alternative to reusable bags. 
  • 120 pcs
    $33.08 In Stock
    Hollow pearls composed of white chocolate. Crunchy rice wafer pellets enrobed in white chocolate.
  • 110 pcs
    $52.64 In Stock
    Fine Chocolate Cigarettes from Belgium. Made of delicious chocolate, use these elegant chocolate cigarettes as the finishing touch to your cakes and plated desserts.
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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