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  • $26.99 In Stock
    Confectionery glucose syrup. Low relative sweetness, medium viscosity, medium freezing point depression. Acts as a bodying agent and prevents lactose crystallization.
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    Dextrose is a naturally occurring form of glucose often found in grapes and has 70% of the the sweetness of regular sugar. Mainly used in ice cream, gelato and sorbet production to inhibit crystallization alter the freezing/melting points and give a better overall mouth feel. Also provides flexibility to rolled fondant as well as humectancy and sweetness...
  • $44.42 In Stock
    Confectionery glucose syrup in a powdered form.Good dispersibility. Low freezing point depression. Neutral taste. Relatively low hygroscopicity. Good solubility. Bodying effect.
  • $82.22 In Stock
    High resistance to humidity. Long lasting flexibility. Superior shine. Stabilizing acids are not needed. Will not crystallize. Easily colored.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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