Gourmet Selection - Foie Gras, Caviar and Smoked Salmon


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Our Gourmet Selection is a combination of our finest and luxurious products in an all-in-one package and at a delicious price. Taste the best of fine foods with a worldwide reputation and enjoy Foie Gras, Scottish Smoked Salmon and Caviar.

Our constant care about high quality and client’s satisfaction leads us to inform you that this product is fragile and only support a maximum 24H shipping delay. For this reason you will only be proposed express or local delivery options for this product. Thank you.

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At Laubry we only serve the best products and labels for our special Gourmet selection and make luxury foods accessible to all our customers.

This Gourmet Selection consists of Luxury Foie Gras and Artisan-made Scottish Smoked Salmon and Caviar.

  • Foie Gras Rougié is a true gourmet food made of whole duck foie gras. It is pleasingly appealing and packaged in cloth with ribbon ties. With its silky and firm marble like texture, it is the best prestigious choice for you or your guest. Foie Gras Rougié es an excellent stater for an event or dinner party with friends. Our fine Duck foie gras originates from Canada and is laboriously prepared by Rougié Sarlat in a traditional style and with extra care.
  • London Cure Smoked Scottish Salmon is also a true gourmet food. Traditionally made in the world's prestigious smokehouse in the UK: H. Forman & Son, our salmon is an ultimate luxury convenience for our customers to enjoy.
  • Caviar Kristal by Kaviari is made from the eggs of Schrencki sturgeon and selected and packaged by the Paris-based company, Kaviari. Much acclaimed caviar roe is deep golden to dark brown. The mid-sized caviar eggs are plump, briny and buttery, with a nice pop and a clean finish. The mid-sized caviar eggs are plump, briny and buttery, with a nice pop and a clean finish.

Please your palate and your wallet with this luxury gourmet selection that is perfect for everyone who wishes to enjoy the pleasure of fine foods with family and friends.

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Country of originWorld
Shelf life2 months
Type of mealDinner
Weight unit1.2 lbs
New in CatalogYes
Item/pack box1/1
Item/pack Website1

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