Duck Foie Gras "Chunks" - "Laubry" +/-450g


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Duck Foie Gras "Chunks" as sanctified by some as it is vilified by others, foie gras stands alone as one of the most precious and unique ingredient in the world of gastronomy. Depending on preparation you can have various platters for every occasion. 

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Duck Foie Gras "Chunks" is quite simple to cook at the convenience of your home.  It is just the right portion needed to add on top of a luscious steak or burger to take your dish to the next level. For spectacular results we recommend using a hot, dry pan. 

Hudson Valley, takes pride in their corn fed raised ducks which are taken care of on a daily basis reassuring it`s stress free environment and that are being well fed. Each Moulard duck is selected and prepared according to a strict requirements resulting in a higher quality product. Making this on of the top rated plates in the world.

Country of origin Canada
Region of origin Quebec
Shelf life 12 months
Preservation Frozen
Method of preparation Thaw 10 min, cook chunks in a frying pan at med-high
Cooking time 30 seconds each side
Cooking temperature High heat
Color Creamy white / Light yellow with Pinkish spots
Form Irregular Oval
Type of meal Appetizer
Weight unit 1 lbs
New prod Yes
Exclu Yes
Thawing 30 min
Type of oven Pan fry
Item/pack box 1/1
Item/pack Website 1

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