How to defrost bread?

This product is fully baked and blast frozen, not par-baked. Method 1 (preferred method)Place the bread directly from freezer to oven at 375ΒΊF for 5 minutes.Let it rest 15 minutes to complete the thawing process. Method 2Let the bread thaw for 1 to 2 hours at room temperature and enjoy.

Why caviar can be so expensive?

First of all, the production of caviar requires a lot of patience: sturgeon must be raised for over 6 years before the females reach maturity and start producing eggs. Each species of sturgeon produces eggs at different ages. On average, it takes 7 years for Baerii, 12 years for the famous Oscietra, and even 20 […]

How to eat caviar?

There are three main ways to eat caviar: Off the back of your hand, between your index finger and thumb On a small spoon, usually made in mother of pearl, bone or crystal On a Blini (wheat or buckwheat) with some creme fraiche

How to serve caviar?

It is not necessary to open the tin in advance; on the contrary, the opening is part of the ceremonial in front of your guests. To open the tin (which is vacuum-sealed), use a lever such as a key or a coin. To maintain its freshness during tasting, place the caviar tin on a bed […]

What is the best way to defrost?

Cold water thawing (fast) For fast thawing, we recommend to use the cold water method. Ensure that the food is in a sealed plastic bag or waterproof packaging to prevent water from entering. Then simply submerge the food completely in cold water for few minutes. If food quantity is important simply change the water or […]