Fava Beans 1Kg


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White Toque's line of gourmet vegetables is selected from the highest grade of specialty vegetables. Our fava beans are gr own in Egypt. They are hand picked, hand peeled and hand trimmed for better quality control.

Our constant care about high quality and client’s satisfaction leads us to inform you that this product is fragile and only support a maximum 24H shipping delay. For this reason you will only be proposed express or local delivery options for this product. Thank you.

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With their rich, meaty flavor, Fava Beans are the true stars of the legume family. They’re such a delectable seasonal treat, connoisseurs who discover fresh spring Fava Beans have arrived at their market will completely re-arrange that night’s dinner menu to accommodate these marvelous beans. Much of the joy of Fava Beans comes from their versatility: fantastic by themselves, but also spectacular in combination with other ingredients in the creation of sumptuous dishes. A staple of Italian cooking, Fava Beans make superb dips and other appetizers, but they’re also great in salads, sauces, sautés, stews, pastas and risottos.

Country of originEGYPT
Shelf life24 months
Method of preparationstove,microwave or frying pan
Cooking time4 to 5 min
Colorlight green texture
Weight unit2.2 LBS
ThawingStore in freezer below 0°F (-18°C). Keep frozen until ready to use. Do not thaw and refreeze. Unopened bags can be stored for 24 months. Opened bag store for 7 days.
Item/pack box1/10
Item/pack Website1

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