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-White Toque has selected these delectable very small green peas grown in France, the true gourmet French petit pois that holds flavor and color well.

Our constant care about high quality and client’s satisfaction leads us to inform you that this product is fragile and only support a maximum 24H shipping delay. For this reason you will only be proposed express or local delivery options for this product. Thank you.

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These tiny peas are preferred by gourmet cooks for their deLicate, sweet flavor. Peas are often eaten boiled and flavored with butter as a side dish vegetable. Regarded as the classic accompaniment for veal, lamb and poultry (especially duck), they are often served with asparagus tips or artichoke hearts.

Country of originFRANCE
Shelf life24 months
Method of preparationStove top
Cooking time5 -7 min
ColorLight green, characteristic of peas
FormFirm and tender
Weight unit2.2 LBS
ThawingStore in freezer below 0°F (-18°C). Keep frozen until ready to use. Do not thaw and refreeze. Unopened bags can be stored in the freezer for 24 months, opened bags for 1 month.
Item/pack box1/10
Item/pack Website1

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