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Bresaola is a 98% lean, raw and air-cured beef product, with regular moisture, manufactured from anatomic and lean beef cuts specially selected for their high quality, rubbed and seasoned with custom blends and typical spices from the Valtellina region, berries and aromatic mountain herbs. Aged for two to three months

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Following the current tendencies on healthy and natural food, Organic Beef Prosciutto Bernina is a new version of Bresaola Bernina, with the same flavor and aroma that are identified with our Bresaola, but produced with Organic meat. 

Organically produced meat refers to cattle born and raised in an environment where the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers is banned and transgenic or genetically modified feed is forbidden.
This results in healthier animals and more nutritious and tasty meat, lower in fat and cholesterol, higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA (Conjugates Linoleic Acid), a potent cancer-fighting substance associated with certain health benefits such as enhancing the immune system and lowering insulin resistance.

Country of originUruguay
Weight unit3.5 lbs
Item/pack box1/1
Item/pack Website1

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