London Cure Smoked Scottish Salmon sliced (4/5 slices) - 113g


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From the Britain's oldest curers, our delicious smoked salmon is 100% hand-prepared in the ancestral tradition.

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The finest taste of our smoked salmon starts with the choice of the fish itself. It is only made from the freshest Atlantic salmons caught from the Scotland estuaries. Each fish is cleaned, trimmed and split by hand. After that, salmon flesh is coated with sea salt to dehydrate the flesh.

Our cured smoked salmon is made without added sugar and only 3% salt content. As opposed to 5% in many other brands, it is the healthy option.

Next, salmons are hung one by one for smoking. Then, fillets are trimmed, carved and pin-boned by hand that makes a huge difference for a superior taste.

This Chefs favorite smoked salmon is available in 4 to 5 slices, for you to enjoy at home. is also available in 9/10 slices.

Country of origin UK
Preservation FROZEN
Weight unit 4.0 oz
Item/pack box 1/1
Item/pack Website 1

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